alkymi materialbar was developed as part of the information design master by anastasia meid and magdalena skala. the work transcends the traditional limits of design and attempts to describe a new area of ​​activity and the changing role of design within bio design in various collaborations, for example with biologists and laboratories. biodesign is not just a further development of technical possibilities, but rather a response to the growing urgency to produce and live more environmentally friendly facing the climate crisis.

alkymi consists of a material archive and a bar. a sample collection of growing materials is supplemented by material-based research documentation and information on places of origin, material properties and manufacturing techniques. the bar functions as a platform and meeting point in public space and combines the archival character with enjoyment and conviviality in order to create a basis for the development of dialogues. a network of visitors, experts and collaborators and at the same time co-designers of alkymi materialbar gains insights into unknown perspectives and opens up new action spaces.